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As we come together to create a vibrant and amazing network, wonderful things happen.

All of our work is done by a group of incredibly devoted volunteers.
Thank you for your desire to help!

This is a video from 2020 explaining the different teams that we are forming and how we have joined together to provide exciting and engaging content for our Alumni community. We also outline our values as an organization.

Y.O.U. Alumni Network Teams

History Team

Our History Team is working to gather gather the entire history of Youth Of Unity in one space.

The team's current project is presented on our History page, if you are interested in seeing what we are working upon.

We are always looking for volunteers interested in joining our History Team. If you have knowledge on various regions and time periods, various contributions of photos or facts about Y.O.U. or would like to work along with people who have experience and knowledge putting together a web archive of this magnitude.

Networking Team

Our Networking team works on hosting all of our Networking opportunities.

If you are have experience or an interest in networking, we would love for you to serve as a member of this team.

Media Team

Our media team cultivates and cares for our social media presence, including this website. We also work together to create promotional materials for our Alumni Network.

We are always looking for artists, graphic designers, Personal Relation professionals, and those who love to curate social media.

Rally Team

This is our current rally team!

We are create the virtual rallies that we are becoming known for.

Check out information on our current Rally - here.

If you are interested in seeing what we have done in the past - check out Our Previous Event Archives.

If you are looking to see what we will be doing in the future - check that information out here.

Sign up to join our teams - and help us serve the YOU alumni network.

What if I want to serve - but not on a team?

We are constantly seeking new ways that people can serve in an alternate capacity.
Please watch this space as we expand how we create opportunities for all to serve.